Friday, March 5, 2010

Spesifikasi Toyota Alphard Terbaru 2010

PT Toyota-Astra Motor introduced the Toyota Alphard 2.4 L as one of the agenda in IIMS 2009. Taking the name of the letter Yunanni Alpha, which means bright shining star in the cluster of galaxies, Toyota Alphard new variant is also present in order to become a star in the national premium MPV market by providing luxury and comfort of the vehicle class nobility.

Approximately a year ago, Toyota has launched a 3.5 L variant who received great enthusiasm from customers, especially families established in Indonesia. To provide a new option to the lovers of Alphard in Indonesia, 2.4 L variant is now present, as well as to strengthen the dominance of Toyota's premium car market.

The Magical place Queens find quality time with their Kings. A wonderous mystery where sleeping beauties smile in their sleep through a thousand miles of sweet kisses. Where an adventurous child, who unable to sit in one place, has the freedom to fly. A kingdom where a king rulse his court and back-seat knight. Thus, it is in the world of Alphard where every dream abides.

Kingdom as appropriate vehicles, Toyota Alphard is prioritizing passenger comfort. When passengers enter the cabin, will be greeted with a warm light and luxury of ceiling illumination. Passengers were getting spoiled with the foot rest and head rest located at each passenger seat. In fact, all car seats, except the very back row, was able to put to bed in a flat which makes passenger relaxed and comfortable on the road.

Elegant design and features a luxurious interior and exterior of Toyota Alphard imejnya as reinforce the main class of vehicle. All New Alphard whose front lines have V-shaped pillars carved from the front bumper adds dynamism to the front of the car. At the rear of the car which also forms the V line from the rear pillar giving the impression firmly.

Features Air Conditioning using a humidity sensor can adjust the air temperature riders, the middle passenger seat and rear seat passengers are automatically more pampering passengers like sitting in first class airplane cabins. Especially coupled with Plasmacluster air conditioner capable of removing ions or dust entering the room of the cabin.

New Alphard 3.5 V Automatic = Rp
New Alphard 2.4 X Automatic = Rp 812.000.000
New Alphard 2.4 G Automatic = Rp 912.000.000

Specification of Alphard

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