Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spesifikasi Modifikasi Peugeot 405

It takes courage to sacrifice the ideal car. As experienced by Levy Perwiro willing to cut the roof of the car, the Peugeot 405 SR 1990 to conform with his favorite car, the car. In fact, never in his mind to cutting terbesit roof. However, because they are bored with the default view and there's nothing to be proud of his car. Bocul familiar call for change inspired her car while surfing in cyberspace, after seeing a car car that looks stylish and exclusive.

There is no problem for him to cut the roof of the car. The most important car can vary and can also be stylish, "said Department of Management Semester VI students at one university in South Jakarta.

The first step in modifying cars, doing body Bocul Conversion. Peugeot, who formerly four doors, turned into a two door. Then Bocul Pillars A cut along the 10 cm and reduce the slope to 45 degrees. To be seen rolling in accordance with the character of the car. Then Bocul also cut Pilar C or the back as much as 20 cm. While the condition of the B pillar posture adapted to Pier A and C. When going through the process of cutting, Bocul admitted experiencing difficulties. Because the wound must be absolutely appropriate so that the roof does not leak when it rains.

To design body kit I also nyarinya difficult. You see very rare Modified Peugeot car. Therefore, I have to design their own custom character of your body to adjust the increase in the body, "said Bocul who loves to play basketball next modification ini.Proyek he moved to the foot of the sector, replacing a standard rim with a size 19 offset 38. Apparently, not so easy to bury bigger lips, because lips are stuck to the fenders. To mengakalinya, Bocul add Spicer sized 20 mm at the front wheels and 32 mm at the rear wheels.

However, this causes extra Spicer rim sticking out of the fenders. For views parallel to the edge of the bumper, wide body along Bocul perform in front of 3 cm and 5 cm behind.

While the interior sector, Bocul adapt them to the outside. Among the custom to the front and rear seats, doortrim and dashboard covered with leather semi MB Tech Camaro.

Despite the progress which takes about six months, but I'm very satisfied with the results. And although the old car, but now I can invite a stylish car, "added Bocul who claims his car is often used for advertising or film production.

Custom leather upholstery layers of semi-full-MB Tech Camaro, a layer of semi-custom door trim, leather Tech Camaro MB full, semi-full-leather dashboard layer of MB Tech Camaro, Carbon Isotta steering wheel, shift pedals Carbon Blaze Custom button set

Pioneer deh 4050 head unit, a set of front speakers Sound Stream 6 ", two sets of front tweeters Doom 4", two sets of speakers behind the "six Mohawk, two double-coil units" Agako 12 subwoofer, power four-channel BSE, power monoblock Competition Performance 1800, 2 units Intersys 1.5 F capacitor bank, battery Delkor 8A

Hard Euro rim ND 6 19 x 8.5 Chrome front and rear 19 x 9.5 offset 38, Spicer front and rear 20 cm 32 cm, the front tires Falken Ziex 512 235/35 ZR 19, rear tires Continental Sport Compact II 265 / 30 ZR 19, the shock front of the Peugeot 306, per-Custom

Body Convertible 2 doors, frame less, shaved doors, roof choptop galvanized plate, 0.8 mm, cut into 10 cm A column tilt 45 degrees, cut into 20 cm column C (Hardtop), grill Peugeot 406, Peugeot 406 rear view mirror, front bumper Custom, Custom rear bumper, side kirt Custom, 3 cm wide body front and back of 5 cm, Custom Crystal rear lights, twin exhaust pipe AC Schnitzer, Candy Red Spies Hecker paints + varnishes Dupont, 8000 K HID Cool Light. Machinery Custom 4-1 headers, 0.5 cm pipe header.
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